Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Upload My Image?
  • Simply click the browse button on our home page and select any image, stored on your computer.
  • Click the upload button to host your image free on Image Free Host.
  • Once you have uploaded your image you will be provided with its URL.
Why Would I use
We allow you to host your images absolutely free. When you upload your image we will provide you with a URL, which will allow you to:
  • Display your image on forums.
  • Display your image on online auctions.
  • Send the URL to friends and family allowing them to view your images online.
Iíve Forgotten my Image URL?
Simply upload your image again and we will provide you with a new URL.

Are there any Restrictions on the Images I can host at can be used to host as many images as you like absolutely free. Use of our free image hosting service is subject to the following restrictions;
  • Adult images are not allowed.
  • Illegal images are not accepted.
  • Max image size is 2028kb.
  • Image files allowed: jpg jpeg gif bmp png
  • Agreement with our TOS.